Miss Vickie's Ques Estate Tag Sales 
An Auction Alternative
(502) 254-9629
What We Do

Our Services

  • Our first service to our client is to customize our business plan to fit your specific needs.
  • We do all the sorting of items and disposing of unsaleable items.
  • We determine prices for items and appreciate owner input.


  • Our mailing list has approximately 2,000 names of customers who have chosen to be included.
  • We advertise in appropriate newspapers.
  • On the night before the sale we place professionally printed signs in the area of the sale.


  • Miss Vickie’s fee is a percentage of the gross sales.  This is determined by the volume of items to be sold and the scope of work you wish to be completed.

First Step

  • Call (502)254-9629 for a free consultation.  We will answer all of your questions and provide you with written information, references, and a proposal.


  • If you need an appraiser but aren't planning an estate sale, call Miss Vickie's Que's at (502) 254-9629. 
  • We have a working relationship with a certified, experienced appraiser. 
  • We do not hesitate to use an appraiser when we are researching and pricing your items.  If we are conducting your sale, all research and appraisal expenses are paid by Miss Vickie's. 


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