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What We Do

Miss Vickie’s Ques has been conducting estate sales in the Louisville area since August 1998.

Good Financial Results

If you are downsizing or liquidating an estate, Miss Vickie’s offers a menu of services that can reduce your stress and give you a positive financial result.  When the sale is over, you will receive a check, a settlement statement, and a copy of receipts for your sold items.

Your Obligation

Miss Vickie’s tailors its services to fit your needs.  After the sale, we will completely clear all unsold items and debris from the property or you may complete this task yourself.

Miss Vickie’s Obligations

Miss Vickie’s advertises extensively.  The average sale attendance will be 500 customers. For each sale, we e-mail information and photos to 3,000 customers.  We also advertise the sale on Face Book, and place many signs on the night before the sale. 

The sale will be held in your home over a two-day period.  Prices are firm on Saturday, but marked down 15% to 50% on Sunday.  Miss Vickie’s will help you find the most profitable avenue for any unsold items or, if you prefer, we will buy what is left. We sell about 98% of your furnishings over the two days.

Cost to the Seller 

Each estate sale is different; therefore, the percentage charged differs.  The volume of sale items and the scope of the work you wish us to complete, determines the percentage. The usual charge is thirty to forty-five percent.

For a free estimate and consultation contact Miss Vickie’s Ques 
at (502) 254-9629 or email to:  bettyb504woo@aol.com.


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